Dear Reader,

My blog is about how technology is affecting the learning process of the new generation. I did a lot of research on the topic to feel comfortable about stating my opinion, which is technology is good for the mind, but does not help the learning process. Children of the new generation are suffering skills due to new technology that is being brought into the learning environment. While browsing through my blog you will stumble across many different media prospects. My Prezi is a presentation on technology is effecting the the way kids process information while learning. My Blabberize is a smart board that talks to the class as if she is a teacher. I chose a smart board because in the future it may become reality. My Xtranormal video is a conversation between two kids in college. One depends on the online lectures, where the other one goes to class. My wordle are words to express how children are now learning in today’s day and age. My short story is a story representing an unrealistic theory about what may happen with technology being so advance. My slide show shows how technology has developed over the past years and how it ties in with technology. At the bottom of each page i go into detail as of why i picked each media to express my research.Throughout exploring my research topic, I was unsure what media to use to represent each topic, but I feel as though each topic i picked to represent my paper fits in perfectly.

Nicole Barton